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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Firstly, you need to set goals that must be achieved by advancing your web-site. There are a lot of effective ways to increase your web-site’s rating and sales. Most of these solutions are suitable to use in almost any situation. Our main goal is a development of a set of optimizing and advertising measures.

To advance your web-site in Russian part of Internet, we use a set of measures to draw attention to your web-site, consequently increasing its attendance ratio and its rating in various search engines.

We offer different solutions to web-site advancement in Russia:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization
Russian language and specific mentality somehow alter these traditional solutions. Here at Web Design Studio «Fert» we have been working at Russian market for more than 3 years and therefore we know everything we need to know to effectively advance your web-site in Russian part of Internet.

We specialize in Social Media Optimization, and under this large set of solutions we offer:

  1. Translation of your site’s text content into Russian
  2. Internet advertisement. Advertisement’s development and planning, promotional campaigns.
    Realization of advertising campaigns in Yandex.Direct. Web Design Studio «Fert» is a commercial partner of Yandex – the largest search engine company in Russian part of Internet. Realization of advertising campaigns in Google AdWords.
  3. Special development of unique measures for your web-site.
  4. Development of specific modules for your web-site.
  5. Planning and creating thematic mailings, regarding products and services presented on your web-site.
  6. Creating unique content for your web-site.
  7. Creating satellite sites.
  8. Realization of fully-featured multiphase Internet marketing campaigns, etc.
All these solutions are realized with due account for specifics of Russian part of Internet and Russian morphology.

Search Engine Optimization allow you to increase chances of finding your web-site in various search engines, therefore making your web-site a leader amongst similar web-sites. Such service as advancing a web-site may cost you more than creating a web-site, but it sure will increase flow of customers looking specifically for your company.

We offer following solutions for advancing your web-site:
  • creating unique and specific text content, suited for your company needs;
  • optimizing your web-site program code;
  • link sharing, registration in various catalogues, etc;
To understand which of our solution will suit your company best of all, we undertake detailed analysis of market infrastructure and your competitors status. Only after that we can begin development of your web-site’s advancement strategy.

We define a price only after setting obvious goals.

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