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Properly planned web-site creation process make your web-site look exactly how your potential customers want it to look! Internet technologies allow us to bring to life solutions like realtime customer feedback, animation, video, sound and even personnel management.

Together we can set your web-site’s objectives, work out web-site’s design, develop content management system and your web-site’s promotion scheme.

We offer you creation of several web-site types.

Choose the type that suits your company best:

  1. Online Business Card. It provides basic information about your company, products and services. Consists of 5-10 pages and make customers phone you or come to your office. Online Business Card is an essential part of your image!

  2. Online Presentation contains various articles about your company, which makes your Online Presentation a valuable source of useful information for your customers. Online Presentation consists of a 25-30 pages and it is able to capture attention of current and potential customers, establishing long-term friendship between your company and its customers.

  3. Online Catalogue. Its goal is to advertise your company’s products and services. You can also publish your price list and production catalogue, with an option to order your products online, receive detailed information about each product and compare different products. Online Catalogue is an additional sales manager employed by your company.

  4. Online Shopping Cart. Online Catalogue is your sales manager, Online Shopping Cart is your fully-featured trading site, demanding low expenses on its support  and providing high profits.

So, web-site creation is a complex and significant process including:

  • setting your web-site objectives;
  • developing your web-site’s structure;
  • working out design for your web-site;
  • programming your web-site;
  • supporting your web-site; 
  • advancing your web-site.

All these actions altogether will turn your web-site into well-known and profitable resource!

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