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Making presentations

Making presentations

The multimedia presentation is a roller which allows colourfully and to present emotionally the company, the goods, services or ideas to your clients and partners. In presentation it is possible to realise your most courageous creative ideas. The presentation can both be written down on CD-disk, and to place on the Internet, the presentation can be created as simple, and аннимированную - variants set.

Necessity of creation of presentations grows every day: representation of projects to investors, presentation of the goods and services at exhibitions, advertising dispatches with CDs-disks. Presence of professionally made presentation unequivocally raises image of the company where ва it would not represent:

  • with the assistance of the company in the exhibitions, shown on the screen of the computer or the TV images обнозначно will draw attention of visitors of an exhibition, and your managers can carry out digression on your manufacture for become interested;
  • if your company makes the big assortment of the goods. Cost of such presentation it is ready below printing catalogues, and effect above;
  • at representation of projects to investors, schedules and the tables showing your project to the best advantage can play not last role in decision-making etc.

Today there is a number of programs which allow to simplify process of creation of presentations, however, at the serious relation to business, creation of presentations should be made by people who specialise on this kind of activity.

You are not engaged in imposition and the press of advertising leaflets independently - you address in the specialised companies - the similar situation should be and with creation of multimedia presentations.

Work on multimedia presentation is similar to web site creation: definition of target users, selection of the most suitable graphic materials, design of pages, a writing of texts. We create multimedia presentations on technology Flash which allows to include video, audio, design materials, to use аннимацию.

As a result of creation of presentation studio Fert will give web design to you: 

  • a file-presentation; 
  • a design breadboard model of registration of CD-disk; 
  • variants of manufacture of circulation of CDs-disks.

Cost of creation of presentation unequivocally to define without personal meeting it is impossible. The price can fluctuate from 9000 руб and above, therefore call to 8-905-532-77-25 Roman - it will answer all your questions.

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