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About Internet-agency FERT

About Internet-agency FERT

About web agency “Fert”

Web agency “Fert” has been an active web-market competitor since 2003. We have built lots of websites for all kinds of businesses.

Our creed is an attentive attitude towards client’s needs and requests.  We give patient and comprehensive answer to every client’s question, explaining obscure things of virtual world’s functioning.   

Our small but collegiate team has a real passion for our projects! Our main goals are not only correctly working and beautiful looking website but also joy in the looks of client while he is getting the result of our efforts.

There is a variety of web studios suggesting you a website development. Prices are different, words are incomprehensive. Some of them promise to make a site quickly and cheaply, others – lingeringly and expensively.   Which offer to choose?

Best way to make things clear is to arrange a meeting to listen to our complete and simple narrative about site development. You’ll get to know what stages does it consist of, which resources it requires, how are the prices calculated and what to do next.

No lurking upon the Internet will be even half-way equal to a personal meeting!

We regard personal contact as of paramount importance of all our activities!

Hereafter call, email, send carrier pigeons, arrange meetings! 

Let’s have a cup of tea discussing your website, your business and life goals!

We’ll totally find things in common!

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