Web developing

Established in 2003, FERT has grown to become a design agency with clients throughout Russia, New Zealand and Ireland. 'FERT', a letter in the Old Russian alphabet, means "the thirst for knowledge."

The scope of our projects has ranged from brand creation for micro businesses, to complex multi-site design. 

As you know, the easiest way for customers to find any product or service is to use Internet: the biggest resource of newest
information. And this means that people prefer to find information on the web in their native language. That is the reason why FERT encourages you to develop your company website in Russian. It helps you to reach new customers in Russia, and to promote the image of your company on the Russian market. 

The workflow processes that we have created provide a production system that is not only efficient but also cost effective. Our principle is to clearly and effectively meet the requirements of the customer, proceeding from the realities of the market and utilizing the latest modern technologies.