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Web design and programming

Web design and programming

Your company have decided to enter Russian market, to find permanent partners in Russia or to conclude a treaty with Russian distributor? The most effective solution for these goals is a creation of a web-site in Russian.

The most important goal of a web-site is to provide all kinds of information. In spite of the fact that there are a lot of other ways to share information, many people in Russia choose web-sites as the most effective solution. The recipe for foreign company’s success in Russia is a Russian web-site.

Web-site represent an image of a company. It shows prosperity of a company, its trustworthiness and up-to-dateness.

Every company looks for a benefit from its web-site, aims for different goals. On the first hand, it aims for increasing company’s profit and improving company’s service.

Russian web-site advantages are:

  1. On line feedback for Russian clients
  2. Supporting old business contacts and establishing new ones
  3. Providing information about your company and services
  4. Increasing volume of sales, finding new customers
  5. Providing services to your Russian customers and partners 24/7
We offer different types of web-site to create. You can choose exactly the type of web-site that matches your company perfect.

  • Online Business Card. It provides basic information about your company, products and services. Consists of 5-10 pages and make customers phone you or come to your office. Online Business Card is an essential part of your image.
  • Online Presentation is a high quality, yet not so expensive solution. It contains various articles about your company, which makes your Online Presentation a valuable source of useful information for your customers. Online Presentation consists of a 25-30 pages and it is able to capture attention of current and potential customers, establishing long-term friendship between your company and its customers.
  • Online Catalogue. Its goal is to advertise your company’s products and services. You can also publish your price list and production catalogue, with an option to order your products online.
  • Online Shopping Cart. Its goal is to manage selling your products and services through Internet. Online Shopping Cart is a fully-featured trading site, demanding low expenses on its support and providing high profits.

During coordination of a structure of your web-site, we work out Technical Assignment, describing all your web-site parameters. Technical Assignment is a main document for both sides, specifying amount of work and date of a deadline.

After conclusion of a contract we start making your web-site. We begin from detailed planning, setting web-site’s goals and functions.

Basic stages of web-site creation are:
  • Coding to HTML 
  • Design development. We offer up to 3 different design schemes. We develop them according to your requests. 
  • Programming Content Management System and providing it at your service. 
We offer:
  • Content Management System cms.fert.ru
  • Free CMS
  • Along with design development, we work with text information, translating text into Russian and adjusting it for necessary search queries. 
  • We train our customers to work with Content Management System cms.fert.ru. 
After that, your web-site is ready. But you can improve it even further by optimizing it for search engines (SEO) and constantly upgrading.

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