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Contextual advertising on Google

Contextual advertising on Google

Leader amongst search engines, Google occupies more than 60% of international market. That means six of ten Internet users appeal to its search service during searches for information in Internet.

AdWords is a Google contextual advertising service with handy interface and variety of tools for effective advertisements creation.
With AdWords you can show your advertisements in Google and its advertising network, regardless of your budget’s size.
You pay only for clicks on your advertisements, you don’t pay for your ad showings amount.
AdWorks occupies about 37% of all Russian Internet search queries, without regard to system’s advertising network.
This system has one of the best and most complicated contextual advertising campaign targeting systems. You can customize your advertisements, choosing key phrases or showings category. AdWords also provides language or geographical targeting capability (precision of targeting is about 25 km) for choosing your advertisement’s proper target audience.
One click’s minimum cost in AdWords system is 0,4$. Showings rotating system allows creating successful advertising campaigns even when your budget is low.

Internet-agency «Fert» specialists has experience in creating Google AdWords advertising campaigns and offer their help in starting a professional advertising campaign with maximum profit and minimum budget size.

You can read more about prices on creation of Google AdWords advertising campaign in our “Prices” chapter.

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