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Contextual advertising in Yandex

Contextual advertising in Yandex

Internet-agency «Fert» is a commercial partner of Yandex.

About 8 000 000 people use Yandex services every day. Your potential customers are amongst them.

Yandex search system takes ninth place amongst biggest search systems in the world. Also, Yandex is the second largest non-English search server in succession to Chinese search server.

Yandex.Direct is a service that allows you to place your search advertising (shown in query search results) and thematic contextual advertising (shown on a web-site belonging to Yandex Advertisement considering that search query subject matches advertising theme)

Advantages of Yandex advertising are:

  1. Largest audience coverage in Russian Internet (44% of Russian part of Internet)
  2. You pay only for advertisement clicks (minimum cost 0,01$)
  3. You can limit the time of showing the advertisement or region in which it will be shown
  4. Accessible budget management
  5. Including option to form reports about your advertising campaign’s effectiveness. These reports include daily detailed information about every advertisement and key phrase.
  6. Placing your advertisement on additional areas of Yandex Advertisement and increasing audience that might be interested in your offers.

Yandex audience is comparable in size to various radio and TV stations audience, but contextual web-advertising is more effective because contextual ad is shown only to those who are interested in your goods or services. That means your money spent on advertising works at peak efficiency because you pay only for customers who really entered your web-site. And it is only you who set every customer’s value.

There are several positions available for your advertisement placement in Yandex service: special placement (above search query results), guaranteed showings placement (to the right from search query results). To the right of the first page four most clickable and expensive advertisements are “guaranteed” shown. Other advertisements showings are rotating. Special placement advertisements are shown always (therefore this position is the most beneficial and expensive).

Internet-agency «Fert» specialists offer their services: composing key words for your advertisement showings, proper text advertisements composing with due account for specifics of Russian part of Internet and Russian morphology.

You can read about prices on creation of Yandex.Direct advertising campaign in our “Prices” chapter.

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