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Banner advertising

Banner advertising

In the Internet advertising market there are all new tools, nevertheless banner advertising does not lose the positions. It is proved that banners are the powerful tool of branding - imagery advertising.

Possibilities banner advertising:

  1. Coverage of as much as possible wide audience. At placing of banners on many large platforms it is possible to achieve that will see your banner of hundred thousand visitors that is unattainable at use of other kinds of Internet advertising.
  2. Speed of influence of an advertising campaign. In need of fast advancement on the market of the new goods or , is not present the best way, than банерная advertising as it gives the chance reports of the information for consumers directly with start of the advertising company. That cardinally differs from, for example, search advancement when the effect is observed only after some months after the beginning of the advertising company
  3. Нишевой брендинг – you will learn. At the expense of use of graphic elements and a wide audience, banner advertising allows to make high positive impact on recognition of a brand
  4. Advertising campaign options. Modern technologies in the field of banner advertising allow to adjust easily advertising displays under target audience. At planning of the advertising company it is possible to choose necessary advertising platforms and region in which there will be displays of yours банера. Banner advertising is possibility of creation of positive visual perception of your offer. Thus, banner advertising is the irreplaceable tool in case of need start of the new project; for имиджевых the purposes and for advertising of the offers limited in time. Medijno-contextual банер in system a Rambler (Runner) Medijno-contextual advertising on "Rambler" is a banner of a format 240х400 pixels. It appears in reply to search inquiry to the right of results of search. The banner becomes attached to keywords, as well as the text contextual announcement. Payment is carried out for displays to unique users. Possibilities: - Placing of a graphic banner of a format gif or flash in the size 240х400; - Focusings on geography of the user, time and days of displays; - Restriction of the daily and general budget; - Restriction of frequency of display of a banner to the unique user. Cost: the Advertiser himself charges price for 1000 displays which it is ready to pay (the minimum cost of 1000 displays – 1000 roubles). The minimum cost of contract 20 000 of roubles.

Medijno-contextual банер in system Yandex the Banner is shown on page with results of search of Yandex by the inquiries chosen by you, and also on thematic projects of Yandex and on thematic pages of some sites-partners of the Advertising network of Yandex. Conformity of subjects of each page to this or that theme is defined automatically, on the basis of the set mere verbiage and word-combinations. If on page of delivery of results of search in the same inquiry Direkt are redeemed also, and the Medijno-contextual banner — a banner will be shown after a zone of "the guaranteed displays» (first four text announcements) to Direkta. On pages of sites-partners the banner is shown always on the first screen. Possibilities: - At display it is used two formats: 200x300 pixels — on the right on page of delivery of results of search of Yandex and on other projects of Yandex, 240x400 pixels — on sites of the Advertising network (can be replaced with a banner 200x300 пикс.) ) - Focusings on geography of the user - Restriction of frequency of display to one user (no more than 3 displays)

Cost: Payment occurs for displays. The minimum order is equal to the sum of the minimum order of advertising on Yandex (at placing of a banner with the geotargeting, including Moscow, the minimum order makes 50 000 displays).

On банерной we are ready to answer advertising of a site all arisen questions by phone: 518-66-24, or any in another way from page "Contacts".

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