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Contextual advertising of a site

Contextual advertising of a site

Contextual advertising is an advertisement shown by search engines along with results of search query.

Contextual advertising appears to be the most effective way to promote your web-site, to attract visitors and customers to it. This advertising solution always cost less than others, but it provides more effectiveness than others, because in this case you you don’t pay just for showing your advertisement, you pay for clicks and that means that you pay for real customers.

Contextual advertising capabilities are as follows:

  1. Contextual advertising shows your ad just when you want it to be. Usually, it shows ad above search query results or to the right of it.
  2. You pay only for real people visiting your site, you don’t pay for advertisement showing.
  3. Your advertisement is showed only when search system user enters specific search query. List of phrases for search system is confirmed by you, during arranging a media-plan for your web-site’s contextual advertising.
  4. You can limit the time of showing the advertisement or region in which it will be shown.
  5. You can plan advertising budget in advance, before starting your advertising campaign. This will help you estimate your campaign’s effectiveness.
You can start advertising campaigns for your site on your own initiative, using special services of search engines. But it is better to let experienced specialists handle your advertising campaigns, for disadvantages from self-acting largely excel advantages from experienced specialists handling your campaign.

Our main goal in helping you handle advertising campaigns is to reduce your expenses for attracting customers. We optimize your advertising campaign for reducing expenses as much as we can. If you do not possess experience and specific skills, it is very hard to handle such an action and it sure takes a lot of time.

Our services for creating and handling advertising campaign include:
  • Writing unique text content for your web-site; 
  • Starting advertising campaign. Creating an account; 
  • Composing a text advertisement. During composing we take in account Russian stylistic characteristics and specific advertisement perception; 
  • Everyday frequent testing; 
  • Monthly reports and recommendations concerning your web-site’s contextual advertising changes.
Web Design Studio «Fert» hold contextual advertising campaigns in following search systems:
  • Yandex. Web Design Studio «Fert» is a commercial partner of Yandex – the largest search engine company in Russian part of Internet.
  • Begun. Our Web Design Studio is a certified dealer of «Begun» system
  • Google
Price for contextual advertising consists of:
  1. web studio specialists fee;
  2. payment for advertisement clicks.
For detailed info on our prices please visit “Contextual advertising prices” part of our site.

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